Tutorial 3 

Using Cookies:

Please read the following text before proceeding further:

So, lets remember the following:
- a server can send more than one cookie  in one header
- some of the data from a cookie is for your browser, not to send back with the next request
- take care about priority of the cookies at sending them back (take a look at PATH variable in cookies)
- Malzilla does not take care of cookies in any way, except of trimming out the info which is normally needed by browser (expires, path, etc.).
  It is up to you to set them up for the next URL request

Let's take a look at the following picture (click for larger version):


As you can see from the HTTP headers, this site (Yahoo) sets 4 cookies.
Take a look at the differences between the cookies in HTTP header box and at the top in Malzilla's Cookies box.
As you can see, some data is striped out. That data is to be normally handled by browser. Server does not need it back.

At sending cookies back to server, all of them are to be sent in one single line, separated by a semicolon:


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